New Technologies

New Technologies



The technology is the set of technical, scientific, allowing design and create goods or services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and meet the needs of people. Technological activity influences the social and economic progress, and encourages people to life and create a greater being. 3D television, for example, is a technology that is impacting more people, or smart phones, to say nothing of the iPhone or the iPad.

But many technological inventions that may or may not improve even more our lives do not reach the shelves of the market and we were disappointed. With this post, I show my loved one or dear surfer an interesting collection of technologically advanced devices that are unlikely to ever enjoy (some are quite weirdos, of course, but no less practical) but at least we know. For example: A cigarette lighter mobile phone, a toaster printer, a fork with laser pointer, a coffin with satellite TV and in the grave, a computer screen with wiper, a toilet with built-in camera, a projector screen and hammer , a mobile phone Catcha Mouse, a cup of coffee with tablet PC built, bananas mobile launchers sedan car for countries with high crime, a mower that is both watering can, a toilet paper dispenser that can be piecewise pay by credit card, a public urinal for ladies with automatic subject you know … and so on.

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