Dirty Car Art

Dirty Car Art



You’ve seen those dirty cars covered in mud so thick that the driver can no longer see through his rear-view mirror. Some people encrust with their fingers remarks about cleaning the individuals car or some other not so flattering remarks. Yes there are many a Pigpen out there too cheap to buy windshield wiper fluid or just too lazy. This is where Scott Wade comes in, he is in a unique position as being perhaps the only dirty car artist in the world. He turns your mud laced car into a work of art. He will give you reason not to go to a car wash. You wanted to get attention driving around with filth, well Scoot turns dirt in art.

His image featuring Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” with Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is shown at its peak. These images drawn in the dust are obviously quite impermanent. One of the cool things about them is how they change over time. More dust accumulates as the car is driven down the road. Early morning dew streaks and dots the image, creating a patina. A light shower creates a deeper patina…

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